Source code for josepy.errors

"""JOSE errors."""
from typing import Any

[docs]class Error(Exception): """Generic JOSE Error."""
[docs]class DeserializationError(Error): """JSON deserialization error.""" def __str__(self) -> str: return "Deserialization error: {0}".format(super().__str__())
[docs]class SerializationError(Error): """JSON serialization error."""
[docs]class UnrecognizedTypeError(DeserializationError): """Unrecognized type error. :ivar str typ: The unrecognized type of the JSON object. :ivar jobj: Full JSON object. """ def __init__(self, typ: str, jobj: Any) -> None: self.typ = typ self.jobj = jobj super().__init__(str(self)) def __str__(self) -> str: return "{0} was not recognized, full message: {1}".format(self.typ, self.jobj)