Source code for josepy.b64

"""`JOSE Base64`_ is defined as:

  - URL-safe Base64
  - padding stripped

.. _`JOSE Base64`:

.. Do NOT try to call this module "base64", as it will "shadow" the
   standard library.

import base64
from typing import Union

[docs]def b64encode(data: bytes) -> bytes: """JOSE Base64 encode. :param data: Data to be encoded. :type data: bytes :returns: JOSE Base64 string. :rtype: bytes :raises TypeError: if ``data`` is of incorrect type """ if not isinstance(data, bytes): raise TypeError("argument should be bytes") return base64.urlsafe_b64encode(data).rstrip(b"=")
[docs]def b64decode(data: Union[bytes, str]) -> bytes: """JOSE Base64 decode. :param data: Base64 string to be decoded. If it's unicode, then only ASCII characters are allowed. :type data: bytes or unicode :returns: Decoded data. :rtype: bytes :raises TypeError: if input is of incorrect type :raises ValueError: if input is unicode with non-ASCII characters """ if isinstance(data, str): try: data = data.encode("ascii") except UnicodeEncodeError: raise ValueError("unicode argument should contain only ASCII characters") elif not isinstance(data, bytes): raise TypeError("argument should be a str or unicode") return base64.urlsafe_b64decode(data + b"=" * (4 - (len(data) % 4)))